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    traffic management plan


    The site of Magnolia Elementary School poses challenges to driving to school – the residential streets become “one-way” when there are cars parked on either side, parent drop-off areas are limited in extent, and parking is limited. The intent of this Transportation Management Plan is to raise awareness of the site’s challenges and to mitigate traffic congestion by directing where students may be safely dropped-off and/or picked-up.

    The majority of Magnolia’s attendance area is within the school’s walk zone. Please encourage your student to walk, bike, or ride the bus to school. Volunteer to help organize walking school buses. Identify safe routes for biking. Bike racks are located at the north end of the school and are accessed from W Smith Street. Use private vehicles only as a last resort.

    Bus Loading Zones:

    School bus loading zones are on the east side of 28th Avenue W just south of the intersection at W Smith Street, and on the south side of W Smith Street adjacent to the accessible ramp to the north building entrance.

    If driving your student(s) to school is absolutely necessary, then please adhere to the following directions:

    Dropping off or picking up students at school:

    • Use the designated parent load zones on 28th Avenue W behind the school bus loading zone or legally park and walk with your student to the building.
    • Enter the school through the main entrance.
    • Carpool with other families if driving to school is necessary.
    *Remember, no Magnolia students should arrive or be present at school before 7:30 AM unless they are enrolled in before/after-school child care.

    If your student requires ADA access:

    • Park in one of four (4) ADA stalls adjacent to the Loading Dock north of the Gym.
    • Use the building entrance near the Loading Dock.
    • Alternatively, use the parent drop off on the south side of W Smith Street east of the bus loading zone. Observe the time limit.

    Directions for dropping off for or picking up students from child care:

    • Drop off and pick up on the south side of W Smith Street at the designated load zones.
    • Use the building entrance near the Loading Dock.

    PLEASE KEEP OUR STUDENTS SAFE! Follow these rules when you travel to and from school:

    • DO arrive between 7:30 and 7:50 AM.
    • DO cross only at crosswalks and corners.
    • DO find a legal parking space on neighboring streets and walk-in with your child.
    • DO stay with your car at all times in the parent loading zones. Observe the time limits.
    • DO NOT park, drop off or pick up on W McGraw Street between 28th Avenue W and 26th Avenue W during construction of Phase 2. For the safety of all, it is recommended this area be avoided altogether.
    • DO NOT let children cross the street in the middle of a block.
    • DO NOT park in the parent loading zones.
    • DO NOT block our neighbors’ driveways for any reason or use them to park or turn around in.
    • DO NOT park or load/unload in either bus zone on 28th Avenue W or W Smith Street

    Please Note: These instructions are subject to change during construction of Phase 2 classrooms.