Family Communication 3/30

Dear MES Families,

Over the last few months we have noticed an increase in both cell phone and smart watch use during the school day with students. This has become disruptive during learning time. After consulting with teachers and other elementary principals, we have decided on a policy for MES. This policy will begin on Monday, April 3rd. One thing to consider is that lockers are not secure during the day so it may be best to keep these devices at home. Also, students have and will be given the opportunity to connect with families in other ways through out the school day if necessary. This is not meant to be a barrier for communication, rather a policy to protect learning time during school hours. Please reach out if you have any questions.

In partnership,

Kelly Walter

Cell Phone/ Watch Policy

Cell phones and any type of watch that can text, call or play games on are not allowed to be used by students during the school day at MES. These devices should be left at home or students will be asked to store them in their lockers. They may use them before the bell at 7:55 and after the bell at 2:25. Students who are unable to follow this policy will have their device stored in the office for a grown-up to pick-up.