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    September 2019 Gym Update
    Posted on 09/24/2019
    Magnolia LogoWhat’s going on in the gym at MES?

    What have we been working on?

    Throwing and rolling objects (balls of various sizes, bean bags, footballs, hacky sacks, wiffle balls)
    Underhand rolling and throwing technique: face target, step opposite, arm back, follow through toward target
    Overhand throwing technique: Sideways, step forward with opposite foot, make an L with throwing arm, shoulder faces target, twist at shoulders and waist, throwing hand points at target after throw

    What is coming up?

    Fitness testing begins next week - Grades 2-5 will be participating (required for grades 3-5, practice for grade 2). We are required to test curl ups (like sit ups), push-ups, sit and reach (flexibility of hamstrings), and endurance (called the PACER test).

    Kindergartners and 1st graders will be continuing to practice our routines in addition to playing some group games and exploring some of the equipment.

    What can you do at home for fun or to practice?

    Set up targets (laundry baskets or things that can be hit) around where you live (inside or outside) and choose balls of various sizes to throw or roll at the targets. Make it a challenge and count your throws and then try to improve next time.

    Jon Skoog
    PE Teacher