Magnolia Elementary


MES Family Communication from Principal Kelly 10/9/23

Good Afternoon,

You know it has been a busy week when family communication comes at 6:45pm! We have had many exciting events happening at MES! Last week and this week, we had our first assemblies, we had an author visit (Peter Brown), a successful welcome back night, a large turn out for our volunteer trainings and the playground is almost open!

You will notice I am not only sending the communication through Taking Points, but have received feedback that some would like it emailed, so you’ll receive it in two places!

I want to take a moment to thank the staff and PTA for your hard work to make these things happen and families for your collaboration and engagement.

I hope you enjoy the weather this weekend!

In partnership,

Kelly Walter

Nuts & Bolts

MAP (Measured Academic Progress) Testing

During the weeks of 10/9-10/27 all 1st-5th student will be taking the math and reading MAP tests on a computer or iPad. MAP Growth scores help teachers check student performance by measuring achievement and growth. Teachers use this information to make instructional decision for students. Your student’s teachers will communicate specific dates for classrooms.

MAP is a computerized adaptive assessment that measures your child’s knowledge of reading and math. All students are asked the same questions, but the difficulty of each question is based on how well a student answers all previous questions.

Picture Day

Picture day is Tuesday, October 10. Order forms were sent home earlier this week. If you didn’t receive one, or you can’t find it, don’t worry! You can also place an order online at Online orders can be placed until Saturday, October 14. Instructions are on the Dorian Studio website. If you miss picture day, we do have a Retake Day scheduled for Thursday, November 16.

Playground Update

The playground should be completed next week! We are waiting for final inspection and are planning an exciting ribbon cutting for students once we get the green light. Stay tuned for more information!


Student Cell Phone/ Smart Watch Policy

Sending a reminder of our cell phone/smart watch policy. We have had several challenges already this year with the inappropriate use of cell phones and smart watches at school. We understand that these are used for communication with students and families and support the use before and after school. If your student needs to contact you during the school day that should be done through the classroom teacher or front office. We also understand there are different settings these watches can be set to and appreciate families who have done that. However, as a staff, we can not be expected to monitor student settings on these devices and all too frequently, they end up being used in inappropriate ways at school. Thank you for supporting our policy.

Cell phones and any type of watch that can text, call or play games on are not allowed to be used by students during the school day at MES. These devices should be left at home or students will be asked to store them in their lockers. They may use them before the bell at 7:55 and after the bell at 2:25. Students who are unable to follow this policy will have their device stored in the office for a grown-up to pick-up.

School Supplies

We have received funds for about 60% of our school supplies. If you are able to donate, please do so! For the 2023-24 school year, MES will provide ALL required supplies for students. In return, we are asking families for a $50 per student donation, if possible. All students will receive supplies regardless of the ability to pay.

Checks (made out to Magnolia Elementary, with “school supplies” in the memo), cash (exact amount only), and online payment through Schoolpay will be accepted.