Safety Response Drill Information

In the event of either a natural disaster or human-caused incident, it is the responsibility of the district, and individual schools/sites to provide the emergency organization and resources to minimize student, staff, and school community loss of life, protect school district property, continue essential functions, and return to the business of education in a timely manner.

For more information, please visit the SPS Safety and Security webpage.

At the beginning of an earthquake, students and staff who are in the buildings should drop, cover and hold. The safest places would be under a desk, table, or against an inner wall for protection from falling plaster, light fixtures or other heavy overhead objects. Students and adults should keep away from windows, file cabinets, and book shelves.

Reverse Evacuation
A Reverse Evacuation is defined as the process for moving students/staff indoors quickly. A Reverse Evacuation would be initiated by a potentially dangerous situation in the neighborhood, but not directed at the school. Once students/staff are safely inside, they will Shelter-In-Place.

Shelter-in Place
Shelter-in-Place is the process of keeping students and staff safe from dangers within the community. Schools would Shelter-in-Place in events such as a hazardous material incident, radiation incident, snowstorm, vague threats, or violence in the community that is not directed at the school. Academics are ongoing.

A Lockdown is the process of protecting students and staff from external and internal dangers. A Lockdown is used when the potential for violence within the campus exists, usually during a red alert status, and potentially during an orange alert status.

Fire Evacuation
When the alarm sounds, students line up with voices off and calm bodies before following their teacher out of the building. Teachers will lead their classes to the grass field at Ella Bailey Park. Students will remain in silent, orderly lines while teachers take attendance. Students/staff will remain at the park until given the all-clear is given to return to the school.