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Family Communication from Principal Kelly 10/20/23

Good Afternoon, Many of you received an email from SPS explaining that some schools would be reconfiguring classrooms based on state budget and funding. MES will not have any further changes this year in terms of classroom configurations. I think there may have been some confusion in receiving that email,…

MES Family Communication from Principal Kelly 10/12/23

Good Afternoon, The events of the past week in Israel and the Gaza Strip have been horrific. Due to the terrorist attack by Hamas against Israel, Israel has declared war in retaliation. Millions of civilians including children and families are suffering and continue to be in harm’s way because of this.

MES Family Communication from Principal Kelly 10/9/23

Good Afternoon, You know it has been a busy week when family communication comes at 6:45pm! We have had many exciting events happening at MES! Last week and this week, we had our first assemblies, we had an author visit (Peter Brown), a successful welcome back night, a large turn…

MES Family Communication from Principal Kelly 9/22/23

Good Afternoon, We had another successful week of learning firms, routines and procedures for the 23-24 school year. Teachers are working intentionally to build classroom community while introducing the learning content for this year. Fall is in the air and it feels amazing! That being said, please make sure to…

Family Communication from Principal Kelly 9/8

Good Afternoon, We had such an amazing three days back to school! It was so nice to see your students and all of their special connections to MES. This week students learned about each other, our school firms and what it means to be part of their new classroom community.